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So I’m running my first half marathon…

I am very happy to announce that I will be running my first half marathon ever! The 2013 More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon will take place in Central Park on April 14th. YAY! I am nervous but extremely excited.

This being my first half, I wanted to participate fully in all aspects of the race, including fundraising. While there is no requirement for it for this race, participants still have an opportunity to support a charity if we so desire.

Often times with these sorts of events, the organizations that are chosen are large, national, easily recognizable (and research-able) entities like the American Red Cross or Feeding America. This race’s preferred charity, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, while perhaps lesser-known, is actually one I had come across a few months ago while watching an episode of “CBS Sunday Morning.” I immediately fell in love with their story and their work.

Founded in 1988 by the late Paul Newman, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is dedicated to providing “a different kind of healing” to seriously ill children and their families throughout the Northeast, free of charge. The Camp helps children battling cancer, sickle cell anemia, HIV/AIDs and other serious illnesses to fight isolation and fear with fun, friendship and joy.

The Camp served 288 children in its first summer. In 2013, through Camp programs, year-round outreach to hospitals and clinics and ongoing services, the Camp will serve more than 20,000 children and families thanks to the generosity of friends like you. (While they do received a small portion of their operating budget from the Newman’s Own Foundation, they still need community support to keep their services free.)

I have until April 1st to reach my initial fundraising goal of $500, and if you could toss in a few pennies, I’d greatly appreciate it! (Of course it’s okay if you can’t!) I promise I won’t bug you for race donations again…until 2014 when I run the NYC/ING Marathon. :)

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

> Donate Here Please and Thank You <

PS Full disclosure: I recently found out that if I get all the way to $2500, I get a complimentary yoga stretch class with Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (aka Alec Baldwin’s wife)!! LET’S MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY!